In order to promote social distancing and enforce disinfection protocols, we:

  • Prioritize high-risk patients (immunocompromised, over 60 years old, etc.) with early-morning appointments so they have less contact with other people
  • Spread out the schedule so there are fewer people in the waiting room, with a maximum of two people at a time
  • Ensure social distancing in the waiting room by placing seating a minimum of six feet apart
  • Ask that if a patient is being accompanied, their escort waits in the car and does not enter the office
  • Utilize a “virtual” waiting room so that patients can opt to wait in their car or outside the office, where they can be contacted by mobile phone when it is their turn to be treated
  • Remove all clutter and anything that is not easily disinfected from the waiting room (magazines, area rugs, pillows, toys, etc.)
  • Frequently wipe down waiting rooms, bathrooms, door handles, tables, light switches, computers, etc.
  • Ask patients to wash their hands upon leaving the clinic