You will be given a limited exam and consultation in the privacy and comfort of your home. Dr. Kathy Lee, Dr. Ray Lee, Dr. Donna Lem and Dr. Jessica Zhu are all  board certified general dentists licensed in the State of California. The fee for teledentistry may vary in price and there may be additional fees if treatment is necessary. Insurance may cover some or all of this fee. We will attempt to bill your insurance as a courtesy, however you are ultimately responsible for this fee. The teledentistry system allows a dentist to view records through the internet. The dentist will make recommendations about your treatment.

Teledentistry is a way to provide care for people who do not or cannot go to a dentist office. Teledentistry uses electronic dental records such as electronic versions of X-rays, photographs, recordings of the condition of your teeth, health and other history information. The goal of the teledentistry system is to have the dentist create recommendations for dental care.

You will be asked to take photos or video of the mouth or teeth and send those via online or use  (HIPAA compliant) telemedicine video conferencing. The dentist will discuss findings with you and make recommendations. You may be asked to come into the dental clinic for additional follow-up treatment.

The benefits of teledentistry include having access to a dentist and additional dental information without having to travel to a dental office. A potential risk of teledentistry is that a face to face exam with a dentist may still be necessary after the teledentistry appointment. A visit to a dental office may be needed in the future even if it is not recommended now. The recommendations may change if more information about your dental needs becomes known. The alternative to teledentistry consultation is a face to face visit with a dentist. The practice of dentistry is not an exact science. Therefore, any specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Current federal and California state laws about confidentiality apply to the information used or disclosed during your teledentistry consultation. You will be provided with a separate document which describes how your private information will be handled. This is known as the Notice of Privacy Practices. You will also be sent a Teledentistry consent form once you decide to participate.

You may choose not to participate in a teledentistry consultation at any time before and/or during the appointment.

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